Professional editors and proofreaders provide an ‘independent eye’ that can spot inadvertent mistakes, as well as improve and correct text.

This is because:

  • We are not familiar with the text, and so are not blinded by what the writer meant to write, or assumes has been written.
  • As we are removed from the subject matter, we can see whether the text has a logical flow, is easily understood by a ‘novice’ reader, and is concise and free of unnecessary jargon.
  • We are trained to check everything and question what we’re not sure about in your copy, anything that doesn’t look right, or things that are just wrong.
  • Unlike your staff who may be asked to edit and proofread, we are focused on reviewing your publications rather than trying to fit it in with other responsibilities.

Typos often get through in publications (perfection is unrealistic); however, errors in your copy are unnecessary and distract your readers from the message you are delivering.

What would readers think of your company if your publications were confusing or contained unnecessary mistakes?